How to Cope With Chronic Pain?

How to Cope With Chronic Pain? This article is devoted to those who suffer from constant pains that can appear because of various processes (here we are not going to talk about cancer pain).

But let’s define the term “chronic pain”. It is a pain that lasts about three months or so. In this case we consider it to be chronic. By the way pain is a special signal for us from the organism in order to realize that there is a certain problem. Usually we feel pain while we’re ill or have got damages. But when you feel pain for a long period of time you should become alerted.

When we speak about chronic pain we don’t mean certain body areas – it can happen in any place. As for its degrees they may be also different, beginning from the strong to soft. It doesn’t allow you to enjoy life and do everyday things.

This problem can happen to everybody, but according to the general statistics elderly people oftener get it (though it is not normal). Moreover, while aging people frequently suffer from various chronic diseases like arthritis or even diabetes the symptoms of which also include constant pain.

Still, we are very interested in the reasons of such ongoing pain.

Very often it is difficult to define the exact reasons. Sometimes it appears in connection with some medications which are usually prescribed to relieve pain after operation, but they don’t perform the function. In some cases pain is related to injured nerves. And what is even more terrible – is the fact that constant pain may have no reason at all.

Anyway chronic pain has the symptoms and they are following:

  • First of all it’s pain itself (of any degree) that lasts really long.
  • Pain can be also of various forms: dull ache, stab of pain and so on.

Can this pain produce some other unpleasant consequences?

As you should understand yourself, chronic pain is really exhaustive. Patients get tired quickly and feel constant fatigue. There are also many cases of depression among people suffering from it. It gives you no possibility to lead a usual lifestyle and prevents from doing normal activities. There are people who are not even able to work or study because of the ongoing pain. Bad mood also follows it. The immunity becomes weaker, people often have diseases.

Can the chronic pain be diagnosed?

Usually it is done by a doctor while physical examination and of course when you give information about the duration of it. Massage and procedures including relaxation may help.