Six Pains That Can Be Dangerous!

Six Pains That Can Be Dangerous!Pain is a terrible thing, and almost everyone knows it from his own experience. Nobody waits fir it, but once you fell it and very often you cannot define the exact source of it or the reason. Anyway, you should know what to do with it and how to relive from this awful pain. First of all you should be aware of the cases when pain can’t be ignored, because it may show the possibility of more serious problems with health.

Strong Headaches: If you have strong headaches, and they happen rather frequently – consult the doctor at once. People suffering from chill may have sinus headaches. But never be so safe, the diagnosis may appear really dangerous (even hemorrhage in brain). It is better to be sure that everything is alright.

Now let’s look at the pain in the chest. This kind of pain may signal that we have problems with heart and an attack is possible. Some people know that heart usually creates not pain but only discomfort. Still, specialists do not recommend to wait for so long that you’ll feel pain.

Speaking about heart illnesses we say that pain can be felt not only in the chest, but also in other areas like throat, top chest or even in the shoulder. Sometimes patients even feel a slight sickness and discomfort in stomach.

As for pain in the throat it can be also different. Sometimes it becomes stronger (especially when people have experienced strong emotions) or in case of angina (the pain becomes more intensive when it’s cold).

Back Pain: here we are going to talk about arthritis. But back pain doesn’t necessarily mean this, it can signal about heart problems or stomach diseases. Moreover such pain may be resulted (though rarely) in aortic dissection.

Strong Pain in Abdomen: first of all it can be appendicitis, but is not the only one variant. Other possible diagnoses may include illnesses of gallbladder or pancreatitis, an ulcer of stomach or other things like that.

Discomfort in the calf: very often calves are associated with strong vein thrombosis. We mean a blob of blood in the veins. This problem is rather wide spread in many countries. Moreover it is dangerous for your life. As for the people in the group of risk they are usually suffering from cancer, overweight, lack of movement.

Burning Feeling in the legs: Maybe you will be surprised, but the feeling of burning may be the signal of probable diabetes. Some people compare this sensation with the tingling.